Program Goals

  1. Graduate technically competent medical laboratory scientists, who interpret, assess validity, and correlate clinical laboratory data.
  2. Instill the highest standards of performance and professional ethics in all graduates.
  3. Equip graduates with the tools that promote sound, independent judgment, successful problem-solving abilities, and essential educational and administrative skills.
  4. Promote effective communication with peers, other health care professionals, patients, and the community.
  5. Support and mentor the development of professional responsibility to include life-long learning activities, teamwork skills, and the ability to adapt to and facilitate change.
  6. Graduate professionals who have the skills to actively educate others of the integral role of medical laboratory scientists in delivering quality patient care.
  7. Prepare graduates to pass the national certification examination in order to enter professional practice.
  8. Facilitate educational opportunities to support health care providers’ delivery of quality patient care in relation to laboratory medicine.


Interested in Applying?

For questions concerning the Medical Laboratory Science Program at Nebraska Methodist Hospital, contact Julie Richards, program director, at (402) 354-4563 or email